Any blog should start with a welcome post of sorts, I guess, so here I’ll introduce myself and answer some of the expected questions.

Who are you?

I’m an old Gen X trans woman who transitioned well over a decade ago and go by she/her pronouns. I’m gay as fuck, in a long-term relationship, have cats who I also love very much, and am quite neurodivergent.

My body is broken and living with chronic pain hampers my physical ability throughout the day. I have to carefully plan my chores and appointments throughout the day/week as too much activity can leave me exhausted for days.

I am passionate about Linux and RaspberryPi and almost always have some crazy new project in my head which I may or may not be actually smart enough to accomplish. I try to adopt FOSS applications when able and am somewhat of a privacy and security advocate.

Who is this for?

Since I don’t have a very large online presence other than my Mastodon account, this is mainly for the real-life and online friends who don’t follow me there and would still like to know what I have been doing and what I’m up to. It also makes it easier for me to link them to my artworks. RSS is built in for the people that would like to follow this website automatically. Just enter in your favorite RSS/Atom reader and let the magic happen.

What can I expect?

2023-01-18 Edit:
I have removed the big buttons in favor of a more traditional navigation menu.

As you may have noticed, there are four big buttons up there which are the main categories I expect to be writing in. Namely Art, as I have finally picked up digital painting again last year after decades of neglect. Then there’s the Blog, which should be straightforward and may contain some personal stuff about my life but I also expect to write reviews for all kinds of media, from film to games. I may also go on the occasional rant. Gaming will cover what I have been playing lately which may include an abundance of screenshots at times. And last is Tech in which I’ll talk about my numerous projects ranging from setting up yet another Raspberry Pi, to learning how to use Docker.

A few other things to note is that I tend to swear quite a bit at times. It’s just the way I speak. You will also find no comment sections here as I have no desire to purge spam on a daily basis and any discourse can be had on Mastodon, in person, or via IM.

Why are there already a bunch of posts?

Because I did not want to start a website with a single welcome post and have it be a desert wasteland apart from that. So I uploaded the art I have done so far and even a gaming post. This way you can readily see what kind of content to expect.

What’s with the site name?

If you know me a bit, or have scrolled through the artwork already, you have figured out that I am a pretty big She-Ra fan. I enjoy (hand-drawn) animated cartoons, gayness, and good storytelling. The recent Netflix show, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, had it all and it ended in queer bliss. I very much relate to the Catra character (past trauma, shitty parental figures, anger issues, looking for redemption, trying to better myself, etc.) and Catradora is the name of the (canon) ship between her and Adora (She-Ra).

What’s with the different pen names?

2023-01-18 Edit:
I have reverted to using a single pen name. It was more trouble than it was worth.

It’s mostly just for fun, really. There is no real purpose to it. I do enjoy some compartmentalization so I decided to do the same here. tlg is the signature I use on my art which is basically just short for Tiny Lesbian Gamer which is my main “self” online handle and the one I will use for my blog posts. Catra, as listed above, is a character from She-Ra who I identify with and I view her as playful so I made her the author of anything gaming related. Entrapta is another She-Ra character who is neurodivergent and can get quite lost in her technological hobbies and projects. So I kinda relate to her as well.