I recently picked up Catlateral Damage from Steam while it was on sale for just over two bucks. I am always on the lookout for fun games to play that feature cats in one form or another and this one had been on my wishlist for a while.

Catlateral Damage start screen

Catlateral Damage start screen showing the logo, a menu, and cute 3D rendered cat with all kinds of stuff that was knocked down around it.

The primary objective of the game is simple. Whack stuff so it falls on the floor, and do so repeatedly and everywhere you can. You will unlock more adorable cats as you accomplish more goals. The regular levels just have a set amount of objects you need to whack before the time runs out and there are a few specials levels you can unlock by whacking their respective unique objects. This includes a massive Supermarkat where you have to whack the items listed on your grocery list and a Mewseum (that includes a big dinosaur skeleton) where you have to do a high amount of monetary damage. There is also a litterbox mode where you can whack at your heart’s content without a time limit. And yes, the game is absolutely filled with cat puns.

Supermarket level.

Supermarket level with thousands of items knocked down on the floor.

End screen.

Game total screen with scores and amount and types of objects toppled.

I couch-gamed this on the TV with my Xbox Series X gamepad and it was super satisfying. Took me a minute to figure out the best way to about it but hint: books and plates add up fast! It took me 12 hours spent over several days to complete the game which has achievements along the lines of whack 20,000 objects, unlock all cats, and catch 10 mice. The last one, Play the game on a Caturday, I did on the main PC and one of our cats, Borko, was quite interested and started doing some whacking himself and knocked off a speaker and came very close to toppling the monitor as well. So I guess you could say it is feline approved.

For the amount I paid and the enjoyment I got out of it I would say it was money well spent and I highly recommend this if you need to release some frustration or just enjoy cat games. It has native Linux support and ran flawlessly. There’s a Remeowstered version coming out but it looks like that will not have a Linux build. All in all I give this game a solid 8 out of 10.